Hey guys! I’m almost on holiday, so some more interesting posts should be coming up shortly (or at least some longer ones) but whilst I’m still dead tired I thought I would share some of my favourite K-Dramas with you, because they’re great for procrastination and keeping you up way past the time you meant to go to bed. Enjoy!


Bildergebnis für CHIEF KIM

If you like comedies with hilariously over-the-top characters, an office setting and next to no romance, this is the drama for you! It deals with “Chief Kim” who is hired by a company thinking he will pretend not to see the financial corruption, but who ends up inadvertently thwarting the company’s horrible schemes. Watch it here.

Bildergebnis für chief kim gif


Ähnliches Foto

A cute romance accompanied by a fight against an unknown, deranged kidnapper, this is also a hilarious drama. If you like adorable female bodyguards with super strength, adorable romances, and a side of horrifically creepy bad guys you’ll love this drama! Watch it here.

Ähnliches Foto


Ähnliches Foto

Going into the more sci-fi/paranormal type of genre, if you like vampires that don’t sparkle or live in coffins, but are the product of science, antagonists who are just a nasty piece of work, and don’t mind getting your heart ripped to pieces, this is an amazing drama. Watch it here

Bildergebnis für kdrama blood gif

What are some of your favourite dramas or TV shows? Let me know! Happy watching, Keira x. 

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