K-POP ME VS. MY FRIEND (ft. Adele @Bookishdella) PART 1

Okay, so I’ve been watching quite a few of these types of videos on YouTube at the moment because… procrastination, and they looked like a lot of fun, so I suggested to Adele (a fellow book and music blogger) that we should do it together!

Both of us have been big K-Pop fans for a couple of years now and we often have quite different yet similar tastes in music at the same time. For example, we might both like the same group or album, but my favourite song will be her least favourite, and vice versa. It’s really interesting when we discuss our thoughts, so hopefully you find this post interesting too!

Also, this is part 1 of 2 (for now) so please go and check out part 2 on Adele’s post!

note: click on the gifs to view the videos

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Mamamoo’s RED MOON | Album Review

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RED MOON was released in July 2018 as the second installment of the group’s 4 Seasons project.

This album was Moonbyul’s album and also contains a song off of her solo album released earlier in the year. Notably, the album also contains a song which was created for an advertisement and is hence a departure from the general style of the group and the album. The album has six tracks.

Midnight Summer Dream is my favourite song on the album (and the only one without a MV or live performance). It’s a beautiful and slightly creepy mixture of reggae and R&B… this was one of my favourite songs of 2018. 5/5.

Egotistic marks the group’s first venture into latin-style music. The chorus is incredibly catchy and the song shows off the group’s charisma perfectly. 4/5.

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Rainy Season is a softer, more understated cross between ballad and a more R&B type sound. The understated instrumentation and soft vocals offer a nice break in the upbeat, fast-paced album. 4.5/5.

Sky! Sky! was a song released for an advertisement shortly before this album came out and is a massive departure from the group’s general music style. In fact, even the members expressed how awkward it felt to shoot the music video. Think GFRIEND: symphonic, cute and happy (with a side of Moonbyul rap). 3/5.

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Sleep in the Car is a song which is not intended to be taken seriously… except that it is a seriously good song. A conversation about having to sleep in the car because of their busy schedule lead to this beautiful hip hop, rap heavy song. 4/5.

Selfish was originally released in May on Moonbyul’s solo single album, and features SEULGI of Red Velvet. It’s a chill mixture of Moonbyul’s gorgeous low rap and SEULGI’s sweet vocals with a really positive message: loving yourself. 4.5/5.

Overall, this album felt like the main body of the album was a beautiful cohesive and varied mixture of musical genius and feel-good tracks, but the overall flow was slightly ruined by the inclusion of Sky! Sky! (not because it is not my personal preference in music, but simply because it was such a massive departure from the rest of the album that I doubt it would have been included or even made if they hadn’t been doing the advertisement). In any case, it has some of my favourite Mamamoo songs, so I’m not about to complain.

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Title Track4
My Music Taste4

What did you think of the album?! Let me know!

Feel free to check out my review for Mamamoo’s Yellow Flower album and keep an eye out for upcoming posts on Mamamoo as I flood my blog for the week of their comeback (Mamamoo are probably my favourite girl group sooo).

Happy listening, Keira x.

Mamamoo’s Yellow Flower | Album Review

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Yellow Flower was released in March 2018 and was the first installment of Mamamoo’s 4 Seasons project.

This album was Hwasa’s album (hence her having a solo song, Be Calm, on it). Each of the members got an album that was centred more around them.

Not including the intro, this mini album has six songs, four of which have music videos.

Star Wind Flower Sun is a pretty basic, slow and slightly cheesy ballad, elevated somewhat by their beautiful voices, but otherwise not particularly… special. 3/5.

Starry Night has one of the most beautiful music videos ever. It’s also a very pleasing song, and soothing to the ears, although the chorus section is a bit underwhelming. 4/5.

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Be Calm is Hwasa’s solo song and is also the most profound and moving song of the album… “I’m finding my way back to life again”. Of course, Hwasa’s voice is also gorgeous and the calmness of the song matches the title. The calm R&B style is something we’ve seen from Hwasa since, and it suits her well. 4.5/5.

Rude Boy is an incredibly well thought out song. It has a pretty chill vibe, as many of these songs do, but is actually a conversation between Solar and the rest of the members about a boy who is… well, not good for her. Genius! 4.5/5.

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Spring Fever might be a very relatable song depending on your relationship status, as it talks about the feeling when everyone around you seems to be falling in love whilst you remain forever alone. The highlight is the amount of beautiful low notes we get from Moonbyul! 4/5.

Paint Me was originally released as a single at the beginning of January, as a kind of introduction to the 4 Seasons project. With this song, the album opens and closes on a ballad, but this is no cheesy cute ballad… this will hit you in the feels. 4.5/5.

Overall, this album seems to consist of lots of great songs, but nothing that made me go WOW THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER. An incredibly solid album, with something distinctive about each song. I definitely recommend getting familiar with the lyrics though, as otherwise some of the b-side tracks can blend into each other a bit as they have a similar sound and are mostly distinctive in lyrics.

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Title Track4
My Music Taste4

What did you think of the album? Let me know! (Please.) Did you know about this album before? Did you discover some new music?

Keep an eye out for a slew of Mamamoo posts soon as I’ve been holding off until they finished off this project to post everything!

Happy listening, Keira x.

Jus2’s FOCUS | Album Review

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FOCUS is Jus2’s debut mini album. It has six tracks and features a high-fashion and mature sound.

JB and Yugyeom (alongside other producers) worked on all of the tracks in producing and lyric writing.

GOT7 is a 7-member boy group from South Korea. Members JB and Yugyeom make up this subunit.

FOCUS ON ME is a the perfect title track for the album: it blends the relaxed and sensual “vibe” of the overall album into a beautiful R&B-House mix that screams Yugyeom and JB. Their vocals are just the icing on the cake. The music video compliments the high-fashion style of the album perfectly. 5/5.

DRUNK ON YOU has an acoustic beginning, giving it an intimate feeling. The twang of the guitar provides a nice soft contrast to the smoothness and airy quality of their vocals. I will admit to not being the BIGGEST fan of the chorus as it is quite repetitive, but it’s not so bad and the verses more than make up for it. 4/5.

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TOUCH is an urban R&B pop song with an emotional twist. The lyrics are poignant and filled with love, and the song feels like a warm embrace. 5/5.

SENSES is a deep house song which introduces a stronger beat than some of the other b-side tracks so far, reminiscent of the steady beats found in the title track. The track bubbles and froths, maintaining a slow rise and fall of tension complemented by vocals which sound like whispers in your ears. 4.5/5.

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LOVE TALK is also a deep house song with a similar rise-and-fall feeling to SENSES, but more upbeat with less whispering. It still has the relaxed vibe of the album, but also makes you want to dance a little bit. 4.5/5.

LONG BLACK uses minimal instrumentation that contrasts the higher pitched, sweet melody, making for a luxurious and relaxing sound. As much as I hate coffee, I do love this song. 5/5.

There are a couple of albums each year that I can listen to all the way through. Thinking of last year, BTS’ Love Yourself: Tear comes to mind, and this year it is Jus2’s FOCUS. All of the songs are excellent, and whilst similar do not get repetitive. And I say this from experience, as I listened to the album all the way through 10 times in two days whilst writing this review. Truly a masterpiece.

Also, just a quick side note: I was watching some interviews and they talked about how the album is actually based on senses (sight, smelling, touch, the sixth sense, hearing, and taste) which made the album seem even more masterful. And yes, I could definitely see these songs being played on a runway somewhere…

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Title Track5
My Music Taste5

What did you think of the album? Do you agree with my opinions, or do you think I’m completely wrong? What was your favourite song? Please let me know!

If you are new to GOT7, please check out my Guide to GOT7 and I have many other reviews of their albums which I recommend as well 😉

Also, if there is any album you would like to see a review of (K-Pop or otherwise), leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to get on it!

Happy listening, Keira x.

MUSIC WRAP UP: February 2019

Today I will be fulfilling the second instalment of this type of post where I talk about the some of my favourite music released in the past month. If you didn’t see my first post, or if you don’t remember, here is a refresher: each month, I count down my top 5 songs plus some other categories which change each month. Please enjoy!

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