A Very Posty December

Hello everyone! December is FINALLY here and seeing as I have a couple weeks of holiday this month (and am currently doing my best to sort out a work-life balance) I thought I would challenge myself… I am going to post EVERY DAY IN DECEMBER (but I might take Christmas Day off…. or maybe I won’t?)

In any case, I really hope you guys will support me on this journey. The posts won’t all be Christmas-themed (but a few of them will) and towards the end of the month there’ll be a lot of wrap-up type videos where I talk about my fave books and music of the year, but apart from that there will be lots of the regular types of posts: tags, recommendations, reviews and anything else I happen to concoct (my plan is about a quarter finished at the moment). 

The idea is to post everyday at around 8-10 PM GMT (just incase I am running behind and need to finish my post in the morning… because I am sure this will happen to me) so hopefully I will see you there! Also, if you have any post ideas, I’d be more than happy to hear them, so please leave them below! 

Lots of love, 

Keira x. 


Hi there! It’s been ages since I last posted (okay not that long but kind of). It’s also been a while since I did a music post, so today I thought I would recommend three songs by girl groups! Let me know if you like any of these songs 🙂

Wonder Girls- Why So Lonely

So my first pick comes from the wonderful realm of second generation K-Pop! It’s a fairly new song (from 2016), but new K-Pop fans do a have a habit of ignoring some amazing second generation groups, so this is a great one to give a listen! It’s catchy, but not particularly upbeat, more mid-tempo.

Red Velvet- Kingdom Come

So moving on from some legends of the second generation, we have a very underrated song from a popular group. Kingdom Come is from the b-side of Red Velvet’s Perfect Velvet album which was released in late 2017. It has a slow, sexy feel.

APRIL- Oh! my mistake

And now I wanted to showcase some music from a lesser-known group! Oh! my mistake was released recently and has a cute, retro 80s sound. It’s a great pick me up if you’re having a bad day 🙂

And that’s it! If you want to see a part 2 or some more general music recommendations please let me know (I could even maybe do ones fairly often). As always, let me know if you have any music for me to check out and please leave me lots of comments because I crave love and attention ❤

Keira x. 

Mini Reviews Volume 2

Sometimes I have some reviews to post but they’re not quite long enough to warrant a single post, so I collate them into mini review posts like this one! This is PART 2 of this series. Enjoy 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I received free copies of both of these books in return for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.

The Adventures of WilhelmThe Adventures of Wilhelm: A Rat’s Tale by Maria Ritter

Young Wilhelm leaves home and travels the world. He not only discovers the value of different cultures and the importance of family and friendship, but he also overcomes obstacles with courage and cleverness. He returns home with deep respect for all creatures on this earth and a new sense of rat identity and purpose. (Goodreads.)

While I do often enjoy middle grade books, I tend to prefer middle grade books which are written in a less… simplistic fashion. By simplistic I do not mean that the writing in this book was bad because it certainly wasn’t, but the story was very obviously trying to communicate lessons through the story. And it did so by blatantly having the characters teach other characters the lessons which the author wants the reader to take from the book. This, to me, doesn’t feel like middle grade writing for 9-12 year olds, but more like older children’s fiction (5-8 years range).

I feel like books have the impact they do on people because they allow people to learn lessons more “naturally” by experiencing the emotions the book portrays. Anyone can tell you something, but only by really experiencing and understanding it can you fully believe it, which is where this story fell short.

Not only did it not have the impact it should, but the writing style left me feeling a little bit irritated and a lot like I was being either patronised or reading allowed to a younger sibling or child I was babysitting… except I was reading to myself during my lunch break at work.

That being said, if the writing style doesn’t bother you, the premise of the book is actually quite good and very thought-provoking. Although the writing style put me off enough that I could not finish the book, the actual plot of the book was fascinating and made me have some deep philosophical conversations with myself.

0 microphones
As I did not finish this book, I can not give it a rating as per my rating policy.


WindswornWindsworn by Derek Alan Siddoway

When Eva discovers a young thief hiding in her woodshed with a stolen gryphon egg, the shy, timid girl is forced to leave everything she’s ever known to become Windsworn — elite warriors who ride fierce gryphons into battle…  (Goodreads.)”

Windsworn was comfortable to read. It was a good, familiar fantasy story, with some interesting world features, but generally fairly typical and familiar topics. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means the world wasn’t amazing but the book did use the familiar concepts well. It was fun and easy to read, perfect if you just want to relax for a little bit!

3 stacks of 3 books, 3/5 rating
This means I liked the book but it wasn’t anything particularly special! Check out my rating policy for more details.

So that was it!

Do you want to go and read either of these books now?

Happy reading, Keira x.

“Start, Just Start” | Interview With Sir Richard Alexander, Author of A Dance With Demons

Hello everyone! If you read my “Mini Reviews Vol. 1” post a couple of weeks back, you’ll have seen me review the book A Dance With Demons by Sir Richard Alexander. Today I’m bringing you an interview straight from the author, so I hope you enjoy!


I’m Alexander, from the wi town of Grantsville, Utah. As for what I do, I’m a writer and a life coach.

If you had to explain who you are to someone in one sentence, what would you say?

I’m the whole pie, not just a slice, because though I am definitely a fantasy buff, I enjoy far more than just reading and writing.

What/who is your hero?

Samwise_Gamgee_profileSamwise Gamgee (Sam Wise the Brave). I really look up to him, because he is so loyal, is so good, even when treated poorly. He really has many traits that I really like, but his loyalty is definitely something that sticks out to me. I want to be a friend like that. I want to be a friend a friend would want to have. A true friend.

How did you become an author? 

It’s interesting that I became an author because I didn’t even learn to read until I was about 8 and didn’t enjoy reading until I was around 12. Things changed when I came across a fantasy book. When I came across the fantasy genre, I was hooked and from there on out, I always wanted to be an author. It was my dream and the only career I wanted, that hasn’t changed since I was a young boy.

Being able to create my own world is such an exciting thing! I’m in charge of an entire world! Even if no one ever read my work, I would still write.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The advice could be applied to anything. It is a secret that was imparted to me some time ago. This secret is a trait that all successful people, writer or otherwise, share in this world. It’s not the most common trait like some you hear about, but it is shared by literally ever single success. When you hear it, you might want to pass it off, but it is very powerful, so don’t. The advice I was given, was: “Start, just start…” it is so obvious and so simply, but there is not one single successful man, or woman in this world that is not a starter. So, if you are dwelling on something and trying to plan everything out before the fact, you may never end up getting it done. I simply would give the same advice to anyone who has dreams in writing, or anything else. “Just start.”

If you had to summarise your book A Dance with Demons in three words, what would they be?

Good against Evil, or, A Heroic tale.

What is one thing you learned whilst writing this book?

Perfectionism_0I realized that perfectionism will stop you from completing anything if you let it. there were so many times that I was tempted to just go back and change things constantly and was tempted to think that it would never be good enough. But I realized that if I kept feeling like it had to be literally perfect, before I finished and published the book, then it would still be sitting on my computer. So to summarize, you are always going to feel that you want it to be perfect, but I realized I couldn’t let that hold me back.

Why or how did you decide to write this book?

I have been writing since I was about 12 and always wanted to write a book. I looked at the things I had written and never felt like any of it was good enough. I really did want to be published though, it was one of my life dreams after all. Unfortunately that is exactly what if felt like, just a dream.

After some time, I came across some self-help material and my idea of dreams being only things to wish for, was shattered. The self-improvement realm taught me that dreams shouldn’t just be dreams, but that you can make them a reality. When I came to this new way of thinking, I decided that I was going to write something that was going to mean something, a book of good against evil. So I began writing, and made the choice before I even put the first word down that this book was going to be the one I published, even if it was crap. I really decided to write this book, simply because I found out that dreams didn’t just have to be dreams and that gave me the motivation to move forward.

If people take one thing away from your book, what would you hope it would be?

That anyone can write a book. If someone like me, who couldn’t read until 8 and didn’t like it thereafter until I was 12, could write a book, then there is no reason anyone can’t.

Who would you recommend your book to and who would you caution against it (e.g. trigger warnings)?

Anyone who likes an adventure of good against evil, an adventure packed with action, underworld creatures, and characters that push forward despite all of the hardship. I would caution people against it that really don’t enjoy action packed stories and young children, because there are some scary creatures in this book. Over all however, I would recommend it to most people though, because I have had people in their 60s read it and enjoy it, as well as people in their teens.

Finally, where can people buy your book?

You can buy it on Amazon either in kindle format or a physical copy.

And that’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed and talk to you again soon ❤


Blogs Have Writing Styles?! (aka I have an existential crisis)

Hi everyone!

A second before writing this post, I was reading Fadwa’s post on her favourite blogs and was suddenly struck by something. Blogs really have a writing style. Thinking about it… well, duh, of course they do.

If you’ve read many of my posts, or especially if you used to follow my blog, you’ve probably noticed that my blogging style is either quite informative or very chatty and to be honest I’m not in love with it?! If you’ve ever seen how I write when I write for the sake of writing (e.g. creative writing) then you wouldn’t think it was the same person at all.

When I write for the sake of writing or to tell a story, or even when writing poems, I favour more “flowery” language. I like to use imagery and create a world in my writing in which things seem a bit more abstract and magical. Think The Night Circus (except not half as good).

But could I translate that into a writing style for my blog? Probably not exactly, it would be silly. A blog isn’t a magical realism story. A piece of paper is just of a piece of paper, after all… but perhaps I could adapt it? Find a happy medium which I prefer to my current writing style?!

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and I started when I was only 14, so I’ve kind of been stuck writing very similarly to how I did then, and well, I’m almost 17 and I don’t write or talk the way I did when I was 14, so maybe it’s time to change how I blog as well.

Is it too early for an existential crisis? Maybe 🙂

Thanks for supporting me thus far and if you’re new to my blog… I hope you’ll stick with me a little bit longer.

Lots of love,

Keira x.

SEVENTEEN’s Teen, Age Album Review

teen, ageSEVENTEEN’S second full-length album Teen, Age was released on the 6th of November 2017.

The album consists of 13 tracks, including a short intro and outro. For the purpose of this review, I will be looking at all 11 full-length tracks.

The album shows their growth as a newly successful group, including a variety of styles and unit tracks.

  • CHANGE UP: CHANGE UP was first released prior to the album being dropped and features the group’s unit leaders: Hoshi, S.Coups and Woozi. Musically, it is a mix of trap, R&B, pop and EDM with smooth raps and falsetto vocals. Lyrically, the song talks about the effort which the leaders of SEVENTEEN put into the group to help keep them successful, happy and healthy. I didn’t like the song at first, but it has grown on me! 3/5.
  • WITHOUT YOU: Without You has an understated electro-pop sound, slightly reminiscent of the group’s previous track Don’t Wanna Cry. Vernon’s line at 0:35 is probably my favourite part of the song. The song tells the emotional journey of someone who has recently lost a loved one and how they come to accept that they must no change and move on. 3.5/5


  • CLAP: CLAP was the title track of the album. It has a funk pop vibe, mixed with a blues-rock sound and is incredibly catchy. Lyrically, the song is incredibly relatable and uplifting, like the opening line: “It’s alright, it’s alright, these things happen. Things get all tangled up like earphones in your pocket”Overall, this is currently my all-time favourite SEVENTEEN song. 5/5.
  • BRING IT: BRING IT is a duet featuring Hoshi and Woozi. It has a darker, heavier beat and sound than most of the other songs on the album. It has an almost military feel. It’s one of my less favourite songs on the album, as I’m not a massive fan of the beat drop or the flow. 0.5/5


  • LILILI YABBAY: Lilili Yabbay is a song by the Performance Team (aka Hoshi, Jun, Dino and The8). It has an experimental EDM sound. It’s definitely more of a song I would go and see someone dance to than something I would listen to by itself, which I guess is kind of the point? In any case, as a song, not one of my favourites but not bad either. 2.5/5.
  • TRAUMA: TRAUMA is a song by the Hip Hop Team (aka S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon). It’s a rap song, but with quite calm and understated rhythms and a singing-rap style chorus. It’s one of my all-time favourite SEVENTEEN songs and is really such a masterpiece. The lyrics talk about each of the members personal traumas and it’s honestly a little bit heart-breaking. 5/5.
  • PINWHEEL: PINWHEEL is a song by the Vocal Team (aka Woozi, Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan and DK). It’s a slow, sweet song perfect for showcasing their honey vocals, but isn’t the most unusual ballad ever. 4/5.


  • FLOWER: FLOWER features Jeonghan, Seungkwan, The8, Wonwoo, Dino and S.Coups. It’s one of the darker, heavier songs on the album, but not nearly as dark as BRING IT. It has a more upbeat and bouncy rhythm and a very catchy vocal chorus. 3/5.
  • ROCKET: ROCKET features Joshua and Vernon, the two members with an American background. Thus, the song is actually about a 50/50 split of Korean and English. It’s a fun, playful and empowering song which talks about just going for things and not bothering about what other people think of you. 4/5.


  • HELLO: HELLO features DK, Mingyu and Jun and I believe it was the last of three songs they wrote quite a while back. It’s a cheesy, poppy love song and whilst it’s not really my thing, it’s not horrible either, just didn’t seem to match the maturity of the other songs on the album. I feel like it would have fit more on one of their earlier albums than on this one. 1.5/5.
  • CAMPFIRE: Campfire feels like a sort of sweet “goodbye until next time” from the group, with a sweet and chill rhythm and muted raps and vocals. It’s a soft caress against the ears and flows nicely like a bubbling brook. 4/5.

Overall, this is my favourite SEVENTEEN album and was one of my favourite albums of 2017 and I definitely recommend you check it out. It was really the album that got me into the group to begin with.

Title Track 5
Variety 4
Cohesiveness 3.5
My Music Taste 3.5
Overall 4

4 microphones out of 5


SEVENTEEN are a South Korean boy group who debuted in May 2015. There are 13 members: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, Seungkwan, DK, Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino. They also have a subunit called BSS containing members Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi.

So that’s it for this review! I hope you enjoyed. This was the last in my series of SEVENTEEN posts, so if you’re interested, you can check out my top ten favourite SEVENTEEN songs of all time and my introduction to SEVENTEEN

Also, hey! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long 😦 I was sick and then had to catch up with school work. But now I’m on holiday for a week so I can catch up with blogging again!

What did you think about this album? Let me know in the comments below! 

Do you have a group or artist you love and really want to see me a do a segment on? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Thank you for reading this post today! I hope you enjoyed and found some new music to listen to! Happy listening, Keira x.


For album reviews like this, do you prefer reviews like this, or did you prefer the style I used for the BTS album reviews? Please let me know!


Intimidating Books That Are So Worth It

A lot of the time people can find long books or series quite intimidating… or maybe it’s just me. In any case, to follow this week’s theme of quantity and quality, I wanted to recommend a couple of longer books or series which are definitely worth it!

#1: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Meet Celaena Sardothien.
Beautiful. Deadly.
Destined for greatness.

The first couple of books in the Throne of Glass series are sort of average length, but thy do get very long towards the end and there are quite a few of them… but it is totally, completely worth it! The series starts out as a YA Fantasy series, but ends slightly more mature and is pretty much just brilliant. Kingdom of Ash is the last book and comes out on the 23rd of October, so this is the perfect time to start this series if you haven’t already 🙂

#2: The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker

The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker

The Golem and the Djinni is currently a stand-a-lone novel (and works as one, although I think some kind of sequel or companion is planned) and is an adult historical fantasy book. It reads very much like magical realism and the writing is gorgeous. This book is just wonderfully crafted and one of my favourite books that I’ve read recently. It isn’t horribly long, coming in at just under 500 pages, but I was a little bit intimidated by it at first so I’m including it anyway.

In The Golem and the Djinni, a chance meeting between mythical beings takes readers on a dazzling journey through cultures in turn-of-the-century New York.

#3: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre by Charlotte BrontëI think most people have probably heard of Jane Eyre as it is a well-known and much-loved classic. This book is just over 500 pages in this edition (and in mine), which is quite long, but not massively so, except that it is a classic, which already means it is most likely more densely written and harder to read in the first place. In fact, I put this book off for ages, even after starting to read it, but now I absolutely adore it and will recommend it to anyone who wants a good classic to read because it is just that good.

Fiery love, shocking twists of fate, and tragic mysteries put a lonely governess in jeopardy in JANE EYRE.

And that’s it!

What books were you intimidated by but ended up loving? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy reading, Keira x.

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Interested in listening to some SEVENTEEN songs but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve listened to every song they’ve ever released and are wondering which are my favourites. Either way, you’re in the right place! And if you don’t know who SEVENTEEN are, you can read this post too, but you might also want to check out my introduction to SEVENTEEN! Today I’ll be talking about my 10 favourite songs by K-Pop group SEVENTEEN.


I won’t try to act like I’m someone else. Your yesterday, today and tomorrow is yours. Don’t care anymore about other’s eyes on me.

This song is just so fun and playful that  can’t really help but love it! It also has such a good, empowering song and so sweet as well!


Thank you, thank you, that’s all I can say. How to wait and what love is, you taught me all.

To be honest with you, I was a little bit disappointed with this song when I first heard it because I loved CLAP so much, but it has since grown on me a lot, especially because of the amazing performance, and has become one of my favourite SEVENTEEN songs 🙂 Also this was a song especially for their fans, which makes the lyrics so, so sweet and emotional.

#8- Pretty U

Should I ask the internet? What to wear, where to go. I should have studied hard like this.

There is a music video for this song, but I actually started loving this song by watching the dance practices and live performances, so I decided to include one of them instead. The choreography is like something out of a musical, which goes really well with the cutesy, in-love song.


If I can catch a glimpse of your elusive heart my whole body is itching and beating. What is this sensation, what do I do?

This is really SEVENTEEN’s signature style. It’s fun, playful and very catchy.

#6- Without You

I was scared of being alone so I spent my time foolishly. Didn’t even know how time was passing.

I’ll just say that apart from really liking this song, Vernon’s part at 0:35 was stuck in my head for the longest time. The lyrics of this song really tell a story, so I can only give you lyrics from the beginning or else SPOILERS. But my favourite lyrics are at the end ;(

#5- Don’t Wanna Cry

I loved you so much, where’d you go? Did you leave because you don’t like me anymore?

Like with Without You this song really describes a story, with character development and everything, so I can only share lyrics from the beginning with you, but this is a great song. It was the first SEVENTEEN song I ever listened to as well 🙂

#4- Our dawn is hotter than day

Only the stars fill up the night sky as it shines on us.

We’ve reached the most recent song on this list! This song is such a good summer song that makes me think of drinking cocktails (or in my case, mocktails) at the beach under soft lighting whilst the sun is setting. It’s soft and calm but slightly sultry in a way as well. The lyrics are also so, so pretty.


Whatever the difficult problem is, yeah, I’m always on your side.

In some of their recent music, SEVENTEEN has been mixing some heavier guitars and other more “rock” instrumentation in which I love. This song is their most recent Japanese release and is the song which first made me fall in love with Wonwoo. In any case, this song is just so much fun!!


I’m barely breathing, like I forgot how. It’s too hard for me to be lenient with myself.

This is the song which made me realise that I really enjoy stripped back, slower and softer rap. The song is really personal for the members, talking about the rappers’ personal “traumas” which made this song even more emotional.

#1- CLAP

It’s alright, it’s alright, these things happen. Things get all tangled up like earphones in your pocket.

Before this song, I liked SEVENTEEN. I would listen to Don’t Wanna Cry and I would occasionally watch interviews or live performances of them if they showed up on my feed. This song changed everything and made me go and listen to every song they’ve ever released and basically fall in love. It’s a masterpiece AND SO CATCHY in the absolute best way.


SEVENTEEN are a South Korean boy group who debuted in May 2015. There are 13 members: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, Seungkwan, DK, Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino. They also have a subunit called BSS containing members Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi.

So that’s it for this post! If you liked it, you might want to check out my introduction to SEVENTEEN or my Top 10 Favourite BTS songs.

Also, watch out for a review of SEVENTEEN’s 2017 album “Teen, Age” coming this weekend!

What are your favourite SEVENTEEN songs? Did you discover any new ones today? Do you disagree with my list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading this post today! I hope you enjoyed and found some new music to listen to! Happy listening, Keira x.

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an introduction to SEVENTEEN

Hello everyone! If you don’t follow me on Twitter you wouldn’t know but this week’s them is “quantity and quality”. You’ve probably heard the phrase “quality, not quantity” or “quality over quantity”… but this week I wanted to celebrate things with both quantity and quality. There will be some bookish stuff as well, but on the music side of things we’re going to be looking at K-Pop boy group SEVENTEEN, so please look forward to it!

Today isn’t for sharing the best SEVENTEEN has to offer, but rather giving you a general overview of who they are, who the members are and a little bit about their discography! Stay tuned until the end of the post because I’ve recommend a couple of videos that you definitely don’t want to miss! So without further ado, this is SEVENTEEN!

disclaimer: I’m not an expert so if I got something wrong, please let me know! 


SEVENTEEN are a 13 member boy group from South Korea. They are known for their use of complex formations in their choreographies, and their slightly more boyish concepts compared to some other boygroups.

SEVENTEEN debuted under Pledis Entertainment in 2015 and were the first boygroup to debut with a one-hour live showcase. As they are such a big group, they have three teams: the Hip Hop Team, the Vocal Team and the Performance Team, which come together to make one group. Their fans are called Carat.

Meet the members of SEVENTEEN


S.Coups (born: Choi Seungcheol) is the leader of the group, as well as the eldest member. In addition to being the leader of SEVENTEEN, he is also the leader of the Hip Hop Team. He is the main rapper and a vocalist in the group.

S.Coups was born on the 8th of August 1995 for being strong and reliable, but also cute. He may seem intimidating, but if his members he cry, he will cry too. He enjoys reading and sports, but dislikes roller coasters.

Check out this clip of S.Coups performing his song “Phenomenon” live!


Jeonghan (born: Yoon Jeonghan) is the lead vocalist of the group and ranks himself as the third best visual of the group. He is a part of the Vocal Team.

Jeonghan was born on the 4th of October 1995 and is known for playing pranks on other members. The group voted him as having the best personality and he enjoys it when his members confide in him. He is constantly sleepy ad doesn’t really like sweets.

Check out Jeonghan performing his song “Purple Rose” live!


Joshua (born: Joshua Hong/ Hong Jisoo) is one of the group’s lead vocalists and is part of the Vocal Team. Both of Joshua’s parents are Korean, but he was born and raised in America. Joshua has said that music is his life. 

Joshua was born on the 30th of December 1995 is known for being gentlemanly, although recently he bas become more of a joker. He enjoys riding a bike by the Han River and watching anime. He also loves chicken and can cook.

Check out Joshua performing his song “Can’t live without losing you” live!


Jun (born: Wen Junhui) is a lead dancer and sub-vocalist in the group. He is one of the Chinese members and is part of the Performance Team. He ranks himself third in terms of visuals.

Jun was born on the 10th of June 1996. He thinks he is a little awkward and feels that his emotions change frequently. He feels most comfortable at home and is the group’s alarm clock.

Check out Jun performing a solo, Chinese version of the group’s 2018 song “THANKS”!


Hoshi (born: Kwon Soonyoung) is the leader of the Performance Team. He’s also a main dancer, lead vocalist and sub-rapper. Additionally, he is a member of the sub-unit BSS. Hoshi choreographs most of SEVENTEEN’s dances.

Hoshi was born on the 15th of June 1996 and is known for being the mood-maker of the group. He has a black belt in Taekwondo and likes collecting weird pictures of the members.

Check out Hoshi perform on singing competition “King of the Masked Singer”!


Wonwoo (born: Jeon Wonwoo) is a lead rapper and sub-vocalist with the deepest voice of the group. He is part of the Hip Hop Team and was in the top 100 “Most Handsome Faces of 2017” by T.C. Chandler.

Wonwoo was born on the 17th of July 1996 and is known for being wise and a little bit shy, but has a warm personality. He is the cleanest member of the group and prefers scary movies to comedies.  

Check out Wonwoo perform the song “You’re my baby” all the way back in 2013!


Woozi (born: Lee Jihoon) is the Vocal Team leader and lead vocalist of the group. He has a background in classical music and produces most of the group’s music. He can play the guitar and the piano.

Woozi was born on the 22nd of November 1996, hates aegyo and is hardworking. He was originally supposed to be part of the performance team. He likes the X-Men series and films starring Hugh Jackman.

Check out Woozi performing his performance-oriented song “With You”!


DK (born: Lee Seokmin) is the main vocalist of the group and is part of the Vocal Team. He is also the leader of the subunit BSS. He was part of a rock band in middle school.

DK was born on the 18th of February 1997 and is known for being funny and loud.  He has spoken about how he used to be bullied for his weight, and explained how words can hurt, but he tries to be a positive and hard-working person.

Check out DK perform on singing competition “King of the Masked Singer”!


Mingyu (born: Kim Mingyu) is a lead rapper and sub-vocalist of the group. Additionally, he is also the official visual and was in the top 50 “Most Handsome Faces of 2017” by T.C. Chandler. He would like to try acting in the future and used to play bass in high school.

Mingyu was born on the 6th of April 1997 and is known for being the handyman and cook of the group. He has a bright personality and eats a lot. Once, he placed second in national football championships. 

Check out Mingyu performing his vocal-oriented song “Like The Beginning”!


The8 (born: Xu Minghao) is a lead dancer, a rapper, and a sub-vocalist. He is one of the two Chinese members and is part of the Performance Team. He has a background in b-boying.

The8 was born on the 7th of November 1997 and is known for seeming cool on stage. He enjoys pranking people he is close with and has been practicing Chinese Wushu (martial art) since he was five years old.

Check out The8 performing a solo, Chinese version of the group’s 2017 song “CLAP”! 


Seungkwan (born: Book Seungkwan) is the second main vocalist of the group. He is part of the Vocal Team as well as the subunit BSS.

Seungkwan was born on the 16th of January 1998 and he is known for being sensitive, a little bit savage and very funny. He is indecisive, so he takes a long time when shopping and enjoys walking alone without thinking about anything. He loves hamburgers and is allergic to tomatoes.

Check out Seungkwan perform on singing competition “King of the Masked Singer”!


Vernon (born: Hansol Vernon Chwe/ Choi Hansol) is the main rapper of the group as well as a vocalist. He was born in New York, but moved to Korea when he was little. He is part of the Hip Hop Team.

Vernon was born on the 18th of February 1998 and is known for being easygoing, shy and looking like Leonardo di Caprio. He looks childish, but places an importance on not being prejudiced.

Check out Vernon performing his song “Lotto” live!


Dino (born: Lee Chan) is the main dancer of the group as well as a lead rapper and sub-vocalist. Both of his parents are dancers and he has choreographed a couple of SEVENTEEN’s dances. Dino is part of the Performance Team.

Dino was born on the 11th of February 1999 and is the youngest member of the group. He likes to hug things when he sleeps and hates not being able to speak his mind. Michael Jackson is one of his role models.

Check out Dino performing his rap-oriented and hype song “The Real Thing”!

SEVENTEEN’s Discography

SEVENTEEN has a growing discography, including 2 albums, 1 repackaged album, 1 Japanese mini album, 1 special album, 5 mini albums and 2 singles. They also have a subunit “BSS” who have one single.

If you read my introduction to BTS you might know that I talked about the four eras of BTS music so far. SEVENTEEN don’t have such clear splits in their music, so instead I’m going to talk about their music as a group as well as within their three teams!


SEVENTEEN’S Hip Hop Team includes S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon. Their main role is rapping and they write most of the rap lyrics for their songs.

  • 2017 pre-release for album Teen, Age; officially set before Al1
  • chill rap
  • talks about the members personal “traumas”

Trauma Definition


SEVENTEEN’S vocal team includes Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan. Their main role is singing and music production (especially Woozi).

  • 2017 pre-release for album Teen, Age; officially set before Al1
  • a light, almost ballad pop song
  • talks about waiting for someone you love


SEVENTEEN’S performance team includes Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino. Their main role is dance/performance and they make most of the group’s choreography.

  • 2017 pre-release for album Teen, Age; officially set before Al1
  • a more instrumental, EDM style song with all sorts of twist… like electric guitar
  • talks about having faith


SEVENTEEN includes all thirteen members. They combine the talents of all three teams to create something amazing together. Very few songs on their albums are done as a whole group, with the majority being unit songs (either as teams or otherwise), but their title tracks are always done together. They explore a variety of genres as a whole.

  • the title track of 2018 mini album You Make My Day
  • a light, playful sound
  • talks about the feeling of “ah what to do” you feel when you have a crush


BSS is a subunit of SEVENTEEN including DK, Hoshi and Seungkwan, which debuted in March 2018 with the single Just do it. They’re pretty hilarious, as any SEVENTEEN fan would expect, so I recommend checking their song and performances out!


note: these are not music videos.





And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe learned something!

Are you excited to listen to some of SEVENTEEN’s music now? Or are you already a fan? Please let me know what you thought and leave me a comment if you have any questions… I’ll do my best to answer them!

Thank you for reading this post today!  Watch out for tomorrow’s post on my favourite BTS songs of all time! Happy listening, Keira x.

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Books are an escape (+ recommendations)

I was thinking the other day about why I like books so much. As I’ve become older I’ve come to appreciate them as amazing pieces of work, and for the insight and knowledge which they can give me, but on a more basic, instinctual level, that’s not what draws me to reading. I came to the conclusion that books offered me an outlet and an escape from my life. They were a place of comfort when I wasn’t in the best place in my life, and when I am feeling good generally they are a fun pastime which allow me to let my imagination free.

In any case, today I thought I would share with you a couple of ideas about what you could read if you ever want an escape!


Magical realism is great because it’s almost fantasy, but not quite, and will make you question basically everything. Because of the nature of this genre, magical realism books usually have gorgeous writing. A good place to start would be The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern or Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuireThey’re on the line between magical realism and fantasy, but I love them. Another good choice would be The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton.


Magical realism not cutting it? Need dragons, magic and the lot? I’ve got your back. With a good fantasy book, you can forget the real world exists at all! I especially recommend Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. If you’re more into the adult fantasy genre, then Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson is excellent.


When the world gets touch, maybe laughter is the best medicine! I don’t read comedy, but these books cracked me up. If you like some non-fiction occasionally Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari is excellent (Aziz Ansari is a well-known comedian, if you didn’t know). In search of something a little bit lighter? Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli deals with some important topics, but is also hilarious, or you could reread Twilight and (if you’re me) laugh at the old you who thought Bella and Edward were the most romantic couple ever.


When I’m sad, one of my go-to things to do is to watch Les Miserables and cry for the whole two hours. It’s incredibly cathartic, so why not find some books to do the same! I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson is one of my all-time favourite books, The Icarus Show by Sally Christie is beautifully yet horribly sad and if you’re looking for some nostalgic tears, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green is definitely the way to go.

And that’s it!

What books do you like to read when you want to escape? Or do you have something else you prefer to do? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy reading, Keira x.

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