The Liebster Award!!! (I answer questions, and share 11 far-too-personal facts about myself!)

Thank you so much Daria @Bookaholic’s Therapy for nominating me for this award! (I’m even more late than you were on posting yours… over a month!!) Exams + life = no blogging, unfortunately. But hey! I’m doing it now. Please check out Daria’s blog if you haven’t already, she’s super sweet and lovely and awesome.

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A Venture into Crime Fiction | The Driftwood Girls Review

I received a review copy of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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I want to start this review with a bit of backstory about my relationship with crime fiction. For years, I have said that thrillers and crime fiction just aren’t my thing. Ironically, though, some of my favourite TV shows are crime shows, or shows with heavy elements of the kind (think Sherlock, Lucifer etc.). So, I was wondering: why do I love detective shows, but dislike thriller/crime fiction? After thinking about it, I identified a couple of criteria to help me pick a book of this genre I might like:

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Hallo Leute!

Heute werde ich versuchen, mal auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Mein Deutsch ist nicht perfekt, aber ich werde so gut schreiben wie ich kann, denn heute über deutsche Neuerscheinungen geht, und deswegen macht es kein Sinn auf Englisch zu reden, oder?

Also, es war ziemlich schwierig, Bücher zu finden die von deutschsprachige Autoren geschrieben worden und im 2020 erscheinen werden. Ich habe mir stundenlang Videos auf YouTube angesehen und Buchhandlung-websites durchgesucht, aber fast nichts gefunden. Es war schwieriger denn ich kein übersetzender Bücher besprechen will (denn die meisten sind schon früher auf Englisch erhältlich).

Aber! Ich habe zwei Bücher gefunden die im Februar 2020 erscheinen werden! Also jetzt möchte ich die euch vorstellen!



Hello everyone! Welcome to the FINAL of my TBRs (until February, at least). I decided not to do a ‘Top X Books I Want to Read in 2020’ because I think the TBRs for my year-long challenges is enough hehe. I’m changing a couple of things up with my TBRs this year: they will hopefully be around 4-7 books long, depending on what books end up on them, and apart from ones I need to read for read-a-longs, a class, or a readathon, I will be using a TBR jar (more on that later ;)). I hope you enjoy TBR 2.0! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the books I will be reading this month.

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International Reading Challenge 2020 TBR

Wow, SO MANY TBR posts. I’m so sorry. Seriously, it must be getting pretty boring. Luckily, this is the PENULTIMATE TBR! (Actually, there might be 2 more after this… sorry!)

Anyway, this is a particularly important TBR, because it’s a TBR for a reading challenge that I AM CO-HOSTING with the lovely Adele of @bookishdella. The aim of the challenge is to encourage us all to read books written by authors from many different countries. There are prompts, read-a-longs, points to be won etc. so we would love to have you! If you’re interested, check out the announcement post and the Goodreads group!

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