an introduction to GOT7

Hey guys! So welcome to day 3 of A Very Posty December. If you don’t know what this is, I am basically posting something every day in December! So far I’ve posted an announcement which is probably quite boring, but also shared some of my favourite Christmas music which you probably haven’t heard of, so please go and check that out and be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the posts coming out this month.

Anyway, GOT7 just released a repackage album so I decided that I would do an artist spotlight week (I’ve previously done one for BTS and SEVENTEEN as well… check them out)! If you haven’t seen one of my spotlight weeks before, I basically introduce the group, review THREE of the group’s albums and end the week with a countdown of my favourite songs by the artist. So yeah, anyway, this is my introduction to GOT7. I’ll just do the usual basic intro stuff: members, songs etc. and then link you to some awesome videos to watch when you’re bored!

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